Reflections of eucalyptus and the melaleuca trees

I went out to the Point Halloran Conservation Reserve (a local nature reserve) this morning in the hope of seeing some koalas in the wild.  It’s quite amazing that some still are in the Brisbane area, given the mass expansion the city has seen in the past few years.  I like that the city council has set aside areas designated as wildlife reserves, because they were here first as we know, and they have a right to live on as before we came.  Well, I didn’t see any for some time, despite casting my eyes upwards to each large gum tree I passed.  Then I saw what I think was one, but it was so high up (and the view interrupted by other trees) that I couldn’t get a shot.  If we hadn’t had so much rain the past couple of weeks I could have got closer, but there was a large amount of water lying around, so that made it impossible to get closer.

But there were plenty of other photo opportunities.  With the water lying around, reflections were everywhere.  So here’s one I liked, which shows the reflection of a number of Eucalyptus and the Melaleuca trees.

Next weekend I’ll try a different location for our furry friends.  🙂


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