Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This week the subject is Dreaming, and I immediately thought of the time I spent living on a small island off the Queensland mainland.  It has some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets I’ve ever seen, and many times I would go to see them, sitting on the golden white sand — and the colours and sounds and light would soon have me dreaming of other places and experiences to be had.

First up I offer a sunrise, from Woorim Beach, Bribie Island.  Someone had built a small sandcastle before I arrived and here it was the focus of my photo.  I wonder what the person was thinking when the castle was being constructed.  Maybe it was a child dreaming of castles and battles, and building a moat around it for safety.

Sunrise, Woorim Beach

Sunrise, Woorim Beach, Bribie Island

The colours of the sunsets on the island are unbelievable at times, difficult to describe the variations and intensity in words alone.  This photo will confirm what I mean.  I recall sitting and watching the sun go down behind the Glasshouse Mountains, located on the Australian mainland.

Sunset, Banksia Beach

Sunset, Banksia Beach, Bribie Island


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