Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

The Weekly Photo Challenge this time relates to growth.

When I think of growth many ideas come to mind.  I have gathered 3 photos which express one of those ideas.  The growth of crops to feed the masses.  All three of my photos were taken in my state, Queensland, Australia.

First up — pineapples, growing on the Sunshine Coast just north of where I live.  The field photographed has pineapples that will be ready in the coming summer, whereas the fields in the background are ones with young plants that will mature in 2013.

Pineapples growing

Pineapples growing

Next, young sugar cane plants being fed much needed water – this photo taken in Ayr, North Queensland, on a farm that once belonged to a friend’s family.  The water is pumped from the Burdekin River, the lifeblood of the sugar cane growing area, the largest in Australia.

Sugar cane seedlings

Sugar cane seedlings

Lastly, relatively new vines, growing at just the right rate to produce grapes for bottling in the years to come.

Wine of the future

Wine of the future

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