Who R U? Who is my intended audience?

In the words of one of my favourite bands, Who Are You? Who…who…who…who…

I joined Blogging 101 to get my creative juices flowing — to increase the posting frequency, and also to write more content.  My blog is photography based, and I try to do a weekly post, in response to a photo a week theme that WordPress has.  But sometimes life and laziness get in the way and I miss posting — most of June was like that, so the aim is to turn that around.

But back to this exercise — who would I hope my audience might consist of?

That’s a tough one because I have so many interests, and I created this Blogging 101 blog with the idea that there wouldn’t be any one theme, more that it would be me posting about whatever came into my head.  My brain never seems to stop and so there’s always plenty to post. But if I were to think of who might come in for a look, they might come because of posts about photography; perhaps technology (I’m an old techie from way back, way, way back in the DOS days…); travel (because I have had the bug since my first overseas trip some 40 years ago); music (I’ve got a great offering for you musos at the end of the post); and life in general.

In other words, pretty much anyone.  I love the comradery one gets from being in a community of like minded people — not so much that we may happen to like the same stuff, but that we like blogging and what that affords us. Friendship, new ideas, new views on places we love or perhaps have never heard of.  You get the idea, right?

Well, that either makes sense or you’re confused.  Either way, thanks for stopping in for a chat.  🙂

As promised, here’s a treat for you – it’s a youtube: Who Are You? The Who.

25 thoughts on “Who R U? Who is my intended audience?

  1. Hey Kim! Thought I’d pop by to see if you’ve been doing your homework and find that you’re ahead of me. I have a bit of an excuse because I’ve been doing way too much – day job, Blogging 101, Writing 101 and just wrote a quick 1,000-word blog for a….wait for it…paying client!

    I really enjoy the easy writing style you use and the photos are spectacular! I, too, really enjoy the community spirit blogging affords me. I get a kick out of how people actually find me from across the world! Blogging sometimes seems like a private affair, but then someone comments from, say 10,000 miles away, and I say, “Holy crap! People are actually reading what I write!”

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll check in again soon.


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    • Hi Debbie. I’m probably not ahead of you – this post was from the first attempt at Blogging 101. 🙂
      You sure are busy. Putting me to shame – I’m single, so no one but myself to look after; just doing Blogging 101; have a job where I work from home. Just enough for me, but you do so much. Impressive. Great about the paid writing job as well. 😀

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  2. Hello, I’m glad to find this treasure trove of pictures 🙂 and I feel inspired to participate in this photo of the week challenge too. Seeing beautiful waterscapes and the lively city just makes me feel like traveling again. Find it hard to stay in a place for long time. Where did you go 40 years ago? Have a nice day


  3. Hi Kim, I like your writings and I really like your photography, especially the rainforest tree and the bird – osprey? And, I like the layout of your blog – I have been procrastinating about blogging publicly for a couple of years. Even though I worked as a journalist, it is different putting out my own opinions and thoughts on random subjects. Anyway, I like what I see in your work.

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    • Hi. Thanks for visiting while I was sleeping. 🙂
      I have a few birds here, but if you mean the one taking off. seemingly running across the water — then that is a swan. Beautiful to watch and I just happened to be there at the right time. You can be lucky sometimes.
      Yes, I treat the blog as therapy for me. I love writing and I love photography.
      Keep posting — I’ll be watching. 🙂


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