Birds being careful…

This week, WordPress in the Weekly Photo Challenge has asked that we show “…something careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.”

I’m offering 4 photos of birds engaged in various activities — and I have a feeling each is being careful. The pelican careful that no one is watching while it has a dance along the sand (even birds get modest); the cormorant on the post being careful not to fall off; the lorikeet in the tree, being careful to make sure her eggs are safe; and the white bird being careful to make sure that no other bird gets the fish.



22 thoughts on “Birds being careful…

      • Oops, I only noticed the first one, so I was talking about that. But having glimpsed through all, they’re all very good. Good in different ways. I’ll pick the pelican and the lorikeet as the winners, though. The colors are spectacular.

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        • Yes, it seems that most like the lorikeet and pelican. They would be my favourites as well, though I love all of the photos I manage to capture. Thanks for visiting and commenting — I love hearing from others.

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  1. Gosh Kim, even though your theme is ‘being careful’ two photos in particular, were stunning. The pelican dance with the preternaturally lit water ripples and the bright lorikeet in the hollow tree. Gorgeous! I liked the Greater Egret next best and the cormorant as well although it didn’t have the magic of the others.

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    • Yes, the cormorant wasn’t the best, but I did watch it for some time and the wind kept knocking it around. The lorikeet was in an old tree on the shoreline at Bribie. Looked like the tree had been hit by lightning in the past.

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        • There are so many of the parrots as well. Every day I would have hundreds visit my patio — when I lived on Bribie. Probably the worst thing people do, is feed the birds with some sugar based mixture. The birds become dependent on it, and if the person leaves, then what is the bird to do? I would imagine you have a wide variety of birdlife visiting your garden. Patience is definitely the key. I lived in the USA for a decade and tried many times to get some shots of hummingbirds. I never really succeeded, because they flit about so quickly. I love nature and being out photographing it is a favourite pasttime.

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