Seasonal colours…

I love DSC_6595this time of the year in Brisbane, midway through spring – though we don’t get to experience the identifiable changes of seasons like people do in so many other places, we do get to experience changes through colour.

For example, people in Brisbane will always know when it’s approaching exam time at the University of Queensland (which is located by the Brisbane River) due to the abundance of Jacaranda trees, which start flowering just as UQ students are preparing for their end of semester.

Right now, if one was to get to the Mt Cootha lookout high above the city, one would see hundreds of bright purple Jacaranda trees. If ever you have the chance, make your way to Grafton in northern NSW at the end of OctoberDSC_6589-2 each year, to experience the Jacaranda Festival.  I went a couple of years ago and was in awe of the explosion of colour.

That’s saying something considering I was born and raised in Toowoomba, Queensland, where in the early part of spring, yet another explosion of colour occurs, the Carnival of Flowers. Spring is definitely my favourite time of the year.  🙂


19 thoughts on “Seasonal colours…

  1. Beautiful colors and the trees ☺ and I can relate to not having season since I reside in Caribbean. So it is very similar here but instead of color seasons we experience fruit seasons ☺

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  2. Gorgeous colours. Ours won’t be back for a few months as we head into winter. The colours now are autumnal however and just as beautiful however. Thanks for the Follow; look forward to exploring your blog and to following you too in the months ahead. Best wishes…Andrew


    • Hi Andrew. I totally know what you mean about the beauty of your colours right now. I lived in the US for 10 years and got to witness first-hand the colours of autumn.I love the opportunities one is given by seeing someone’s look at life through their blog. Your blog certainly does that for me. 🙂


  3. Jacaranda time is a favourite of mine too Kim. Th UQ campus is spectacular with the purple haze although as a student you’re quite right, this time of year used to induce anxiety attacks. Beautiful photos as usual.

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      • Oh I wish! When I lived in Currumbin I had a jacaranda that lent out over the swimming pool which turned purple with the dropped blossoms … then into an orange mush! Now I have to be satisfied with seeing them in other people’s gardens.
        Sounds as if that’s where you’re enjoying them too.


        • I had one in my backyard when I lived in Toowoomba. I went back there recently for a look and it is looking spectacular. I’m glad the owners of the house didn’t chop it down, as some people do — those who dislike leaves/flowers on the ground (don’t understand that attitude really, as it’s all a part of nature).

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        • My thoughts too. The tree I just mentioned proved too much for the new owners and it was apparently chopped down. I find it’s better not to go back. I prefer to preserve the memories of that time without sullying them by the present. Not so much in your case. Like you I can’t comprehend why people are so anal about the ‘untidyness’ of nature – I love it! Humans like to think they can impose their will on nature – such hubris!

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    • Thank you. If ever you do come, I would love to show you around. Yes, the time differences are always interesting, and you are my other favourite season – autumn. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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  4. Kim, this reminds me of our “Lilac Festivals” during our springtime. My absolute favorite flower for it’s spectacular purple shades and the most amazing fragrance ever! The closest scent I’ve found in lotions or colognes is “night jasmjne.” Whenever I’m in need of calming or a smile, I just apply a little and take a deep breath. Thank you for sharing!

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