Perugia, Italy

I’m reblogging this post as it shows the sights I experienced back in 2003 when I visited to sign a student exchange between the University there and the one I was representing (West Virginia University). Perugia is such a historic beautiful place, and it’s great to see these photos after so long. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Perugia, Italy

  1. How awesome it must have been to have had the opportunity to study in Perugia ~ and then for you to be able to revisit the time/experience/city with this re-blog. A valued life indeed. Classic dreams of Italy are felt in each of these photos. ~

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    • As is Australia. This city blew me away — there’s an old part and a relatively new — the old part is clearly identifiable as it is within the confines of the wall built to protect. This blogger friend has other amazing photos of her country — she (luckily) lives in Florence, which is a fantastic place as well. Of all the countries I have visited around the world, Italy is probably my favourite. If you get the chance, go. You’re really not very far away, and it’s only about 8 hours to fly from JFK. I know you’ll likely think that’s a long flight, but if you’re an Aussie, you will be used to flights of over 24 hours in total. 🙂

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