Oops…look next time…

This week’s WordPress photo challenge asks that we show an example of an “oops”:

this week, share a photographic “Oops!” moment with us. The fiasco could be what’s in the picture…Or it could be something in the photo-taking itself, from the tip of your finger ruining a meticulously framed panorama to an inopportune shadow messing up a family portrait.  Go funny, or serious, or go with a mixture of both — just let it all hang. You’re among friends!

Boy oh boy…that challenge wasn’t really all that challenging, given I have a broad representative sample of photos that never really made it to the showing stage; more they littered the cutting-room floor. As in life experiences, I see those oops moments as ways to learn and improve.

The three photos I have chosen are all oops moments;  the first two are mine. That shot of the orange sailboat would have been great, had I looked first and noticed the tree stump right in front of it. I’m certain the photo of the bird wasn’t interesting and I had actually intended to get it eating some seed, but for whatever reason, I snapped that less than flattering shot.

The sad sight of the boat swallowed up by the sea, is also another oops moment — the sailor apparently had ignored the weather forecast and not moored his vessel close enough to the shore, with the strong currents and heavy seas making him pay the ultimate price.



3 thoughts on “Oops…look next time…

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