Time to relax…

It’s Christmas Eve here in Australia and come midday, our office will shut up shop until 29/12/15.  Being a hot climate, we don’t have the travel restrictions that friends in the northern hemisphere do at times.  So we can get out and about; the only impediment to a fab time is sometimes the heat. But these couple of photos give an idea of ways to while the time away, getting that all important rest.  Brisbane’s Christmas tree takes advantage of our abundant blue skies — its lights are totally solar-powered (to see the full tree, click on the photo).  So Merry Christmas to all!  Be safe, be happy, and here’s to more posts in the new year.  🙂


21 thoughts on “Time to relax…

    • Thank you — did you have a decent weather event for Christmas this year? I know many parts of the country have been un-seasonally warm. I know Seattle gets kinda gloomy in the winter, but I always enjoyed my times there all the same. Nice to go up into the mountains — it’s so foreign compared to where I live in Australia.


    • Merry Xmas (belated as it is) — I would imagine in years gone by, you would have had that cold weather I got accustomed to in the 10 years I lived in your country. But from what I have been reading, Xmas 2015 in many areas was quite warm. How was it for you?


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