What price progress?

I’ve noticed of late just how many older dwellings are being demolished to make way for multiple apartments.  With every demolition, memories of old are lost forever.

Yesterday, while waiting for an appointment, I had a coffee at a cafe run by local indigenous in the small seaside town of Wynnum, here in Queensland, Australia. On a building opposite the cafe, there’s a huge piece of indigenous art. The colours are what attracted my eyes initially, however upon closer examination, it was the detail that kept them fixed for some time.

So what’s the connection to demolitions I hear you ask?  Well, sadly, that building is to be demolished to make way for some gaudy looking apartments, and I wonder will the art be saved? I’m investigating its future right now, because it is too beautiful and representative of indigenous traditions to be lost to a bulldozer.


28 thoughts on “What price progress?

  1. When I read your article, the first reaction was shock and sorrow. Then when you mentioned that it would be restored, relieved a lot. But, this real estate boom, affecting the nature, is everywhere. Even, in remote India I could see those concrete crops.


  2. Wow. that is an exquisite piece of artwork. The colours are so vibrant. would be a real shame to lose that. Let’s hope as you say once it does get removed that they preserver it elsewhere, but it’s true and sad how so much gorgeous architecture get’s demolished today for modern day. Although we’re lucky in Sydney, they’re really good at preserving history to a large degree.

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  3. That is a beautiful piece of artwork. I hope it can be saved. We’re seeing apartments popping up all over, too. I wonder where the tenants will come from, and where they will work.

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  4. That art work is magnificent and I’m pleased to hear it is going to be saved. Let’s hope they find a suitable home for it. I get quite annoyed when I see houses that are under 20 years old being demolished in my corner of the GC and monsterous “Macmansions” going up with no space left on the section for a garden

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  5. I think they will destroy it. If they want a modern building they won’t keep it. It would be amazing though if they would do.


  6. Sad this is happening everywhere and in our path to progress we are paying a heavy price of losing the indigenous treasures. Please do let me know what happens of it next.

    Thanks for spreading the word
    It helps us remind what we are doing.

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