Music makes me happy…


I’ve been “caged” up at home for almost 2 months now, due to a heavy dose of flu/pneumonia.  Thankfully the bad parts have left and I’m left for the time being with an annoying cough.

Given that photography is my passion, being unable to go out with the camera for an extended period of time has been very frustrating.  I’ve spent some time organising the 1000’s I have so I guess I achieved something.

One of my other loves is music. I don’t play any instrument, but I love discovering new artists as well as listening to ones from the past.  I don’t listen to the radio in my car, preferring to cut some cds or stream from my iPhone.  I was streaming Spotify at home through the time I was unwell.

I came across a great version of Pharrell Williams’  “Happy”, sung by a much loved Aussie band, the John Butler Trio.  They performed the song in the studios of radio station JJJ, for the weekly segment of Like a Version.

Click below to see their great version of the song.  I think I prefer it to the Pharrell’s.  It’s like the viewer is sitting next to John as he strums, picks and sings.  It certainly left me feeling happy.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Music makes me happy…

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    • You know, ever since I wrote that post, I’ve had Happy going around and around in my head…both versions (not at once though thankfully). 🙂


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