Looking to the future…

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is all about the future.

One of the glorious things about photography is that it enables us to take a moment of our present, and make it available to look on in meticulous detail in the future. This week, share with us your interpretation of future.

Many things come to mind when I think of the future.

I live in an apartment and as such don’t have my own garden I can till and nurture plants in.  So a kind friend grew some seedlings and gave them to me when I visited her last week.  I’ll get some pots for them once they grow a little more sturdy. I know one is a tomato plant, which is great because I love them.  The others I’m not so sure of, so if anyone reading this does, please let me know.  I wonder what they’ll grow to in the future.  🙂

Have a look at others’ ideas of the future here.


15 thoughts on “Looking to the future…

  1. Hey Kim, you have the beginnings of a real garden. The better for coming from cuttings and seeds grown by another gardener.
    Looks like a rhoeo (maybe) a zyga cactus and a spider plant as suggested in another comment. The tomato needs a drink though.

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  3. You’ve got a great friend there, Kim. We’ve been talking of starting a vegetable garden but haven’t done anything yet. My wife is going away for ten days starting next Saturday and I plan to surprise her when she gets back. Oh, and thanks for the follow!


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