Tuesday Photo Challenge – Flowers

A blogger friend of mine at A Kinder Way put me onto a weekly photo challenge — always on a Tuesday (despite it being Wednesday here in Australia).   🙂

Dutch Goes the Photo is the blog, and the subject this week is Flowers, and this is my first entry.

Those who know me, will have read about my love of sunflowers. They always make me happy and so whenever I am out and about, if there’s any around, they’ll be in my lens.


But sunflowers aren’t the only ones I love here in Australia.  My favourite flowering tree is the jacaranda.  It’s memorable for its spectacular purple flowers.

The jacarandas flower in the Aussie summer, and it’s well-known that it is exam time at the University of Queensland when they start to flower. Not only are they beautiful, but they highlight a time of stress for students.  🙂

I hope you have enjoyed a look at a couple of my favourite flowers.

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Flowers

    • Oh, I didn’t realise they were in Florida. Yes, probably too cold, though they do grow in many southern areas of Australia, where the temps do plummet compared to here in Queensland.

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  2. Always love the sunflowers! A blogging friend in Spain recently shared a Jacaranda, she’s originally from Canada, so it was new to her. They really are beautiful!

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    • Yes, I can see how the connection stays. When I was in the States I always remembered — it was probably accentuated by the climatic situation at that time of the year there, a white blanket on the earth locally, to that which I was accustomed to in Brisbane.

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  3. This is beautiful! I love those jacarandas — they are big in Los Angeles too. 🙂 Nice to “meet” you. Found you through A Kinder Way. I’m planning to post my flower contribution for Frank’s challenge later this week. Blessings to you!


    • Yes, I had heard they were in LA. Thanks for visiting and nice to “meet” you as well. Blogging gives one such great opportunities to learn about other places and of course, people. I look forward to seeing your post. Cheers from Brisbane!

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  4. I really like the one you called a stand out specimen, probably my favorite because I like looking at and taking shots with a blurred background. All really great photos and contributions to the challenge.

    Hope all is well on the other side of the equator.

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