This week the WordPress photo challenge revolves around society’s fixation with numbers:

Numbers are all around us at home and on the street, in airports and supermarkets, on signs and on our clothes. I can’t wait to see your take on this week’s challenge — what will your numbers show?

We use numbers for just about everything in our lives.  Depending on where you live in the world, there may be a number attached to you from birth.  For example, in the USA, every person has a Social Security number.  My research tells me that it is advisable for parents to apply for the newborn’s SS# when organising the birth certificate.  For people who move to live there from another country, a number is assigned to them for life, even if they later leave the country.  That is my experience, having been assigned a number when my visa was approved.  To this day, some 10 years since I left to come home, that number is still attached to me, and I can quote it anytime I am asked (usually when entering the country on my travels).  Here in Australia we have a tax file number, obtained upon application, but not compulsory.

We also identify items by call sign numbers, identification numbers and the like.  Often times we become so used to numbers that we don’t consciously see them.



For other examples of numbers, check out posts from others around the world here.


  1. Thought provoking post Kim. Numbers are one of those everyday things so ubiquitous we don’t really notice them. Well, unless they’re in red 🙂 Numbers have been so huge as far as rainfall in the last day or so that its hard to ignore them. 300mls over the period!

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