WordPress Photo Challenge: Pure

It’s that time again — the WordPress photo challenge to close out the week. This time the theme is simply : Pure.

Share a photo of something pure — it can be a person, an object, or a moment. “Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity.

Google tells me a little of the history of the word — “1250-1300; Middle English pur < Old French < Latin pūrus clean,unmixed, plain, pure“. Google knows all.

So one of the photos I present, while not the best in photographic terms with a bit too much glare from the sun, always gives me the feeling of pure. The water, the snow, the ice, the air.  It was taken during a trip to the Pacific NW back in 2012.  A small stream up in Snoqualmie Pass, in the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle. For an Aussie unaccustomed to scenes like this, the cold was far outweighed by the wow factor.


The second shot again gives me the feeling of pure — pure beauty, as Mt Rainier comes up out of a rather gloomy winter vista.  I would never get tired of seeing this from my back garden.



14 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: Pure

  1. not sure if this is OK as I have posted it before but this shot of Rainier reminds me of an old song by a folk singer who was popular in Seattle years ago.
    Brian Bowers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ3PMrkVGSQ
    He sang of the mountain and I quote, “Out on the road we tell all the turkeys, ‘Yes it’s always raining and the sun never shines’. But all the natives know when the Mountain lifts her skirts, the view from home will flat out melt your mind!”
    Thanks for a beautiful shot of my mountain!!!


  2. Beautiful photos Kim and they do evoke thoughts of purity. Is it the perceived untouched wilderness or the colour white, I wonder? I have visited this region when staying with my aunt who was a war bride. She married a US airman after WWII and moved first to Montana where his family lived, then later to Seattle. He was Blackfoot native American.

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    • For me it was the white, but especially the misty look and the temperature. That’s an interesting connection you have. Would love to hear some more of that. 🙂


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