Human Spirit — Tuesday’s Challenge

This week Frank from Dutch Goes the Photo has issued the challenge for us to show some human spirit.  It pushed me to find something appropriate, and then life intervened and I’m late submitting.  But better late than never I guess.

In life there are many sources of frustration for us…one for me is the apparent lack of concern by the federal government for Australia’s environment.  Without getting into the political side of things, suffice to say that I’m glad that so many people realise the importance of the Great Barrier Reef.  For the past few years the federal government has been approving the building of coal ports in various locations inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park — in the face of strong opposition from various organisations (Greenpeace, Getup etc)  and a large percentage of our population. Of course, the coal companies and associated corporate organisations are very much in favour, because for them it’s all about the money to be made. That’s the situation as it stands today.

Go back 3 years ago and a rally I attended here in Brisbane, attended by many thousands of concerned people, over the treatment of the Reef. Human spirit was evident everywhere — from young children with their cutout signs of turtles; to teenagers dressed as fish and other sea creatures, seemingly pleading for their home to be saved; through to adults young and older banding together to do their part for the Reef.

That’s the human spirit I am happy to be a part of!



7 thoughts on “Human Spirit — Tuesday’s Challenge

  1. I guess it doesn’t matter what country you live in, politics is business and business is about money.

    That being said, these pictures are great, and absolutely deliver on the challenge. Great to see people peacefully gathering for the common good.


  2. Important issue Kim. It’s refreshing to see so many younger people getting fired up and taking a stand. I think the generations behind me are going to change the world for the better. Their spirit is electrifying. We’re seeing a lot of it here with the upcoming election. It’s pretty amazing to watch.
    The pictures capture the event and the energy present. My favorite is the little one in the red hat.

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    • Yes, it is encouraging to see people of all ages getting involved. The whole idea of building coal ports in the marine park has been very unpopular, and people are coming out to shown their opposition. I like that little one in the red hat as well. A future activist or environmentalist perhaps. 🙂


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