Week 3 Posts of Note…

Some great blog posts yet again. So much creativity out there in the world.  🙂

  • Maria Jansson’s post for the WordPress photo challenge – Partners
  • Peter and Dona’s blog posting in response to the weekly WP challenge, Partners.
  • A post by SWO8, a group of creative Canadian individuals who love music and art – a recollection of arriving in Manaus (deep in the Amazon), and some cool jazz to accompany them.
  • I love reading other’s accounts of travelling through their blog posts.  Here’s one that I really enjoyed: A Night in Giverny
  • Street art — some despise it, others, like me, love it.  The Flying Vegetarian’s post showing Mexican Street Art filled my street-art battery to overflowing.  I love the creativity!!
  • Last but by no way least — I’ve been following a project called FIFTY SANDWICHES, a cross-country journey dedicated to presenting the public with a rare glimpse into the lives and stories of America’s homeless. The project is evolving over time, with 5 interviews thus far. All very interesting and confirming that this is a project that will make a difference.


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