Summer breeze….

Here in Australia it is winter. Some friends scoff at that, and I guess, having experienced a north American winter, I can understand why.  But the major difference here is that our homes aren’t set up for cold weather.  No such thing as furnaces, instead we exist with various types of heaters, and if lucky, a wood heater. Anyway, I digress.

I’ve been going through my photos in a bid to decrease the total (currently sits at about 7000). I came across one that reminded me of days gone by, back when I was a teenager and enjoying the Christmas holidays, and the visits to the beach that my parents always made.  At some point my best friend’s father offered to teach us to surf the waves. We were clumsy and fell off a lot, which I guess is pretty common for newbies.  But in the end we got a handle on it and started to enjoy the experience of being in the water.  One place I love here is Caloundra, which back in the 70’s was somewhat smaller and a place with little shanties and workers cottages, a place to come and experience peace and quiet.  These days there are pockets of that kind of place, but they are fast being lost to high-rise apartments to satisfy the tourist trade.

I had a brief stay at Caloundra in 2015, and took this photo from the balcony.  DSC_0017_HDRWhat struck me was that this view hasn’t changed all that much.  There were still those magnificent Norfolk Island Pines, and out in the water were the surfies.  However there were also people trying their skills with the new fad, stand up paddleboarding.  You can see a few of them in this photo. Caloundra is also situated close to the deep-sea nautical passage that scoots down the east coast of Australia, as evidenced by the large oil tanker further out to sea. I’ve always been drawn to the sea, not so much for the beach, but for the peace that I seem to feel from sitting by the water.

When I saw this photo, I also remembered a song that was in the charts in 1975, the year I started working, and shared that time with surfing. So long ago, but this song really highlighted the 70’s for me.  Ahh memories!  🙂

30 thoughts on “Summer breeze….

  1. Going through tons of pictures is an arduous task! One I haven’t attempted yet. I’m really bad at not deleting ones that I should. When I lived in Florida, I pulled the jacket out in the 70’s! And I never owned a heavy coat before moving. I love that song!

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    • Yes, the reason why it is taking me so long is that there are ones that should be deleted but I can’t bring myself to doing so. I think I was a bower bird in a previous life. Great song isn’t it. 🙂

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  2. 7000 photos….that’s a daunting task, but what memories. Great post and thanks for the ear worm, I’ll be singing that until Nikki yells at me to stop!

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  3. Chuckling along, Kim. Just an hour ago, some guys were playing tennis in the park, shorts and T shirts. You wouldn’t see that in Minneapolis in mid-winter. We are so fortunate down under!


  4. I tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time this spring when we were in Hawaii. I was particularly nervous because of the kayak tip the week before and not knowing the depth of water where we were was a bit scary for this person who cannot swim, especially since there were scuba divers in the area doing some clean up. Fortunately I didn’t fall in and I got on and off the paddle board twice.


  5. That sounds wonderful…both the story and not having a need for a furnace 😉 We, as you know are deep in the pits of Summer and being in Texas that means a REALLY big, hot pit. Are you a fan of Winter? I miss it the second it’s over.

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    • Well, being from Toowoomba, I got used to colder weather than many areas of the state (Queensland). It’s located at the summit of the Great Dividing Range, hence colder weather in the winter — but nothing still like north American winters (I spent some years in MI and WV so know about cold winters). Yes, I love winter, but our houses aren’t set up to keep us warm. A furnace would be nice tonight I must admit. I hope at some point in my life to get another of your winters under my belt. We also get bad heat here. Summer seemed to last 6 months this year, totally encroaching on what should have been the autumn (Mar – May), with hot weather right up to the start of winter (Jun – Aug).

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      • We don’t really get Fall or Spring here. We have 3 seasons here…Winter, Bug and Summer. 😉
        Yes..having experienced winter in MI and WV you certainly do know what our winters are like. You should try out an Alaska winter. It’s actually not as bad as people image, but it is beautiful.


  6. Nicely written. I love the relaxed way you narrate about life there once upon a time. Makes you wanna step back in time. And wow. that song takes me back. Haven’t heard that in years. Absolute years.

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    • Thank you Ruth. Sometimes I’d love to be able to step back, to a time when there weren’t so many worries and stresses in the world. Glad some of your memories were invoked by the song. It’s one of those that never seems to age.

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  7. I love that song! It will be stuck in my head all day long. It’s “breezy” here today, and even though it’s summer here, it feels more like winter today. It’s 12°C. Brrrrrr! My furnace has been shut down for the season, so I’ve got a space heater running.

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    • oooh, that is a tad wintery. You’ll probably laugh, but it’s only a couple of degrees less than that this morning – that’s our winter, though occasionally it will get down to freezing. It’s forecast to get to 21 during the day though — with a beautiful blue sky.


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