Patterns everywhere…

Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo provides a challenge every Tuesday.  This time he has come up with the challenge of finding and explaining Patterns that exist in life.

Everywhere we go, our brains find patterns in what we see, which allows us to be the highly functional human beings that we are on a daily basis!  If we didn’t recognize patterns, but, rather, everything were new to us every day and every moment, we would be in a permanent state of confusion.  Of course, I’d like you to take it a step further than mere quotidian observation…  my challenge to you is to present the rest of us with patterns that we might not notice, if we walked by the scene.

When you keep in mind that photography is not only influenced by what you show, but very much by what you do not show in your image, I’m confident that you can come up with some patterns that we might not place right away.

I recall commenting in a past post that one sometimes can fill a couple of challenges when the photo was taken with just one in mind; because photos, like the life they capture, are composed of many items and possibly many actions occurring simultaneously. So here are a few that were taken for other reasons and now are good examples of Frank’s challenge. To see a bigger photo, please click on one to launch the slideshow.


16 thoughts on “Patterns everywhere…

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  3. Your photos are exceptional Kim. Finding the patterns of nature, or should I say ‘seeing’ them, since they are everywhere when we stop to look, is one of my favourite things to do. You’ve captured the patterns when at their most beautifully enhanced by the light and the angles of your shots.

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