TPC – Orange

This week Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo has come up with a new challenge: Orange

Find some great examples of the color orange and photograph them; sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Orange is an interesting color, as it falls between red and yellow in the spectrum and the specific tone of the color orange can range from fiery to drab depending on its exact place in the spectrum.

Like my response to last week’s challenge (Patterns Everywhere), this week’s response will have photos taken for other reasons, and also meet this challenge. Various shades of orange, in all kinds of situations.  To see a larger view of each photo, click on one to launch the gallery.


26 thoughts on “TPC – Orange

  1. Thank you Kim! What an amazing array of photos. I agree with Frank, I find the pelican and items from the past quite stunning. Was going to ask where they came from, and I see your response. 🙂
    Blessings your way, Debbie from NY

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