All creatures great and small are precious

As you most likely know, I live in Australia.  Like every place on this earth, we have creatures of all shapes and sizes. There are some that are not found elsewhere, except for in zoos and wildlife parks elsewhere in the world.  I am reminded every day when I drive that there are kangaroos and koalas in the area and that I should slow down in case one has wandered onto the roadway.  This is especially so when it comes to koalas, as they are somewhat slower than a kangaroo.

When I was a kid, I had the lovely experience of raising a joey kangaroo (baby) — my dad found it’s mother along the roadway; she had been hit by a car, and dad stopped to see if there was a joey in the pouch — which there was.  So “Skippy” came to live with us for a few years, until he got too large for us to look after him any longer.  As sad as it was, we had to give him to a wildlife park which would take good care of him.  That would have been about 50 years ago, when I was 10.  I often think of those years, of bottle feeding him until he could feed himself; of going with my dad out to a dam where there was a lot of tall grass, and bringing bags and bags of it back, so that we had enough for a growing kangaroo to eat.

The video below just melts my heart every time I see it.  It is from an Australian wildlife park, and Imogen is the star of many videos.  She’s been raised there from very young times, and this video shows the loving care that she and all the other residents receive on a daily basis.


27 thoughts on “All creatures great and small are precious

  1. Aw, so very cute Kim. I can relate to the bottle feeding bit having raised a little orphan lamb. In fact we just said goodbye to her today. They’re precious memories to have aren’t they?

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    • That’s great about the possum…I found one last year, and thankfully got it taken care before the cats in the street found it. Yes, our wildlife is wonderful. 🙂

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    • They sure do — here in Brisbane there is a much loved koala sanctuary called Lone Pine. It’s on the banks of the Brisbane River and has been there as long as I can remember. As a kid my parents would treat us with a visit (we lived in Toowoomba, about 80 miles west of Brisbane) each year. I’m sure kids these days are still loving the experience.

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    • No we didn’t. Was hard enough to let him go, so I guess my parents thought it best to have that closure. I do remember the letting go part especially — we drove him down to the wildlife park, and had some interesting looks from other road users. Not something you see every day. 🙂

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