A Reflection of a Life

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum



So here in Australia today it is Mother’s Day.  Mums around the country will be treated to breakfasts in bed, phone calls and visits from their loved ones, and many warm conversations will occur. Memories will be recalled as well as being made on the day. All a part of the good life we all hope for.

There are some mums who I’m sure would wish they could partake in activities with their loved ones, but for whatever reason they are unable to do so. This is the case with my own mum, Shirley.  Sadly she began the battle with dementia a decade ago, prompting my return from life in the USA, where I had migrated to a decade earlier. So again today I will make the journey back to Toowoomba to spend time with Mum, and this time I’ll be taking my friend and her little fluffy dog, Lily, who the residents will I am sure, swoon over.

Mum was an active woman all of her life, right up until her health issues started to take over.  She had lost her husband (my Dad) in 1995, and continued to live in the small country town that they had moved to some years earlier. Goombungee is a small rural location west of my hometown of Toowoomba. There she became somewhat reclusive, spending her time gardening and also caring for the multitude of animals and birds that visited her garden. When locals came across an injured bird or animal they knew they could bring it to mum who would lovingly take care of it, and send on to a vet if necessary.

These days she is cared for at a specialised nursing home, where she lives in a beautiful room, though sadly is now bedridden.  Whenever I visit her eyes light up and her frail hand comes out to hold her son’s hand.  Over the years it has been somewhat distressing to see mum slowly lose her ability to remember those memories, which form so much of a part of our lives, that have been built over her 80-something years (it’s polite not to tell her real age, right?)  🙂

Mum loved to garden, and having most of her life in Toowoomba, it’s no surprise to know that she spent so much time tending her loved plants, especially her flowers.  Toowoomba is blessed with rich volcanic soil, and just about anything will grow there, profusely. Every year for as long as I can remember, the Carnival of Flowers has been held in September, at the start of Spring.  The flowers in the gallery are not hers, though they are similar to the varieties that she grew. She also had a love of birds; just as well because lorikeets were everywhere.

This is a brief look at Mum’s life as you can imagine.  That little man sitting on the steps is me. It’s one of the few of me that I like.  🙂

I don’t know how much longer she will be with me, so I make as many visits as possible. I can’t wait to give her a bouquet of flowers and see her eyes light up. ❤





7 thoughts on “A Reflection of a Life

    • Thank you — yes, Mum was an active woman and I wonder how she feels now, bedridden and with no control of her life. It seems a sad way to come to the end of your life; but from her point of view, maybe she is happy being cared for by such loving people ate her nursing home.

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