In Isolation

Hello out there from isolation here on Bribie Island, Australia.

So here we are in late April, and like most in the world, I’m staying at home to protect myself and others in the community. In reality, my lifestyle hasn’t changed much. Before the virus arrived, I worked from home and live alone. I don’t go out much, apart from walking along the local beach. But I do miss being able to go to my local cafe for some R & R, catching up with a friend, or reading etc. That old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” comes to mind.

Australia has not been hit as hard as most of the world’s countries. A lot of the reason, in my opinion, is that our Federal government stepped up and acted quickly. I know some Aussies would disagree, but compared to other countries we are so far ahead of coming through.  Just as are our cousins across the pond, New Zealand. We’re not out of the mess just yet, but I am glad that when the virus arrived, I was home in Australia, not the USA which as we know is having a horrible time of it. 

So at the start, I planned for achieving much. Some things I have achieved and I’m happy about that.  Finally sorted out thousands of never to be read again emails, dating back many years (2010 to be exact).  UGH!  I also have been working though my Dropbox files where many important documents live.  Many have gone to the virtual shredder, and my storage is grateful for that.


As a photographer, I have umpteen duplicates of photos — some great, others not so.  My virtual cutting room floor is awash with hundreds of sunrise and sunset shots.  There are really only so many one needs. In this exercise, I’ve come across shots that I loved at the time and they still do have an impact upon me.  Like this fellow, found at a farm on the highway to my hometown one day.  He was looking at me through a wire fence and I had a brief window of time to capture him. 

I’ve also got back to reading. Just as I have been battling a writer’s block (hence this being the first post in a long time), I’ve also had trouble maintaining my attention to books.  But I’ve read 2 books in the past month.  First was a small, but interesting read called Down and Out in Paris and London, by George Orwell.  The other I just finished today: The Salt Path, by Raynor Winn. Both non-fiction and both really interesting.

So, tonight I’m pretty happy.  I’ve finally got back to my blog. I hope for it to be a part of my routine now.

Best wishes!





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