WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

This week’s challenge from WordPress is to show partnership in action.

Whether two of a kind or ten, give us subjects that are in sync with one another — show us partnerships. A pair, a trio, a sextet; people, buildings, plants — whatever you choose to shoot, give us subjects that are in tune with one another.

There are the traditional relationships that one could highlight, but I decided to go with a number in different circumstances. Taking the photos at the time, I certainly wasn’t thinking of this theme, however they all fit well.  As always, please click on a photo for a larger view.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos.  Here are more to see from other bloggers if you are interested.


I’ve been going through the 1000’s of photos in my catalogue and culling the multiples and not so good shots.  The digital age is great but the ability to take unlimited photos can lead to so much clutter. So that’s part of my job in the coming few nights.

I found one that I won’t cull.  For some time I lived on Bribie Island, located off the Queensland (Australia) coast — my apartment was directly opposite a pristine part of the island called Banksia Beach.  It’s protected water, so it’s popular with families, swimming, fishing and bbq’s. I took this photo when walking along the foreshore one afternoon, as a storm was building.  To me, it gives the feeling of peace and serenity.


Time..sometimes scarce, other times plenty of spare time…

Three hours ago I arrived home from a camping weekend, and had a look to see what the WordPress weekly photo challenge is — Spare:

Spare has many connotations: it can mean one too many, or sparse, or even to release something from harm. I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations! Bonus points to those who tell the story behind their “spare” inspiration.

What came to mind was the camping experience I had these past 2 days. I haven’t been camping in a lot of years (maybe 30) and when a friend asked if I would like to go along, I tossed around the thought of whether I had enough spare time. I have a lot of things on my plate right now, so the temptation was to say no to the adventure. Instead, I rearranged my time (and priorities) and found the time.  A great use of spare time if ever there was one.

The time was spent at the Mt Barney national park, about a 90 minute drive from Brisbane (Australia) where I live. I always imagined camping to take place in the warmer months — not within a few days of the start of winter. But courtesy of a fire and some lively conversation, we managed to stave off the cold weather and had a great time. I’ve got some blog posts planned around the experience, and will be posting them to my other blog, The Experience Evolves in the future.


Jubilant when the crop is in…

The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge involves jubilation…

Let’s all end this week on a high note, with images that say jubilant.

As seems to be the way every time I participate, my entry isn’t what one might anticipate. Maybe that says something about me — quirky perhaps.  🙂

So this time I’m featuring some photos I took a few years ago, of the sugarcane harvest in north Queensland (Australia). It’s an area where droughts are common and crops are sometimes not so high in yield as hoped. From the planting to the burning off, through to the harvesting and transportation to the mill, the farmer constantly worries about what may be received for a lot of effort and money.

I visited this cane area with a friend who was raised in the area and she said that this farmer would indeed be jubilant as the crop looked to be very high yield.  Yay!

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