Lines going everywhere…

This week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge from Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo involves lines.

Last week’s theme of Flowers certainly found a lot of fans, which means that it was a bit more of a brain twister for me to come up with something that I think might pique just as much interest.  This led me to depart from Nature’s beauty and head into the direction of geometry for this week’s theme:Lines.

Lines are all around us, to such an extent that our brains have learned to interpret them as visual cues that can both be useful and misleading.  In photography, we often use lines to lead the eye in a certain direction, as the image is not entered all at once, but rather specific clues are picked up, from which we assemble the overall image.  So this week, bring some lines to bear in your photography, and I’d love to read how you saw them come together in your image.  I think that this can provide some interesting imagery!

Lines are everywhere aren’t they. From the obvious ones in Frank’s post to ones in everyday life that we probably take for granted.  I looked through a few of my photos and have a selection of lines and what they do in each photo. Please click on the photos to see them in gallery format and a larger view.

I love photography as it enables my creative needs to be met — and blogging the results to others is a rewards for my efforts.  In return I get to see others’ interpretations of themes such as this one. It’s a win-win for all concerned.  🙂

Jubilant when the crop is in…

The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge involves jubilation…

Let’s all end this week on a high note, with images that say jubilant.

As seems to be the way every time I participate, my entry isn’t what one might anticipate. Maybe that says something about me — quirky perhaps.  🙂

So this time I’m featuring some photos I took a few years ago, of the sugarcane harvest in north Queensland (Australia). It’s an area where droughts are common and crops are sometimes not so high in yield as hoped. From the planting to the burning off, through to the harvesting and transportation to the mill, the farmer constantly worries about what may be received for a lot of effort and money.

I visited this cane area with a friend who was raised in the area and she said that this farmer would indeed be jubilant as the crop looked to be very high yield.  Yay!

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Looking to the future…

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is all about the future.

One of the glorious things about photography is that it enables us to take a moment of our present, and make it available to look on in meticulous detail in the future. This week, share with us your interpretation of future.

Many things come to mind when I think of the future.

I live in an apartment and as such don’t have my own garden I can till and nurture plants in.  So a kind friend grew some seedlings and gave them to me when I visited her last week.  I’ll get some pots for them once they grow a little more sturdy. I know one is a tomato plant, which is great because I love them.  The others I’m not so sure of, so if anyone reading this does, please let me know.  I wonder what they’ll grow to in the future.  🙂

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