Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

This week’s WordPress photo challenge relates to my favourite style of photography, landscape:

This week, it’s all about landscape photography. Show us your best establishing shot, out in nature or in an urban setting.

The challenge for me is to select the best shot. That would take a long time and many changes and cups of coffee.  So instead I’ll offer up a selection of my best. Like all countries, Australia is very diverse and the urban and natural landscapes/seascapes that I have offered up reflect that.

As I suggested, the time taken to come up with some favourites was quite long-winded.  There are a mix of natural and man-made landscapes.  Just click on the arrows either side of the photos and all will be revealed, a photo at a time.  🙂


Beauty everywhere

We all have our own ideas of beauty. Here’s a recent example from my camera.

Recently I was enjoying some time at the Southbank parklands, which is a tract of land that was redeveloped to enable the city (Brisbane, Australia) to host World Expo 88 (in 1988). 1788 was the year that the British colonised Australia, and so the Expo was held in conjunction with celebrations around the country.

While walking I decided to take some photos and when I got home, played with the settings just a tad.  I don’t often do that but on this one I think it gave the photo even more character and enhanced its beauty. It was a steamy day, so the misty treatment reflected how one might feel walking around in the high humidity.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

This week’s photo challenge is all about Movement.  I was thinking of capturing something today, but the weather isn’t the best, so I have pulled out a favourite taken a little while ago.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and one way that I used to get to work, was via one of the City Council’s City-Cats.  It’s a brilliant way to get to and from the CBD; someone else does the driving, the passengers entertain themselves in various ways.  iPods are everywhere, cameras, newspapers, and discussions occurring.