Seasons Greetings

Well, this will be my last post of  the year.  My blog posts have been absent for a few months and I hope to get back to normal in the new year.


It’s Christmas Eve (morning) here in Brisbane, Australia.  Already the temperature is high, with a forecast for a hot steamy day for Santa’s arrival tomorrow.  It’s times like this that I really miss a nth American Christmas. A Christmas day of cold weather (especially if associated with snow) can’t be beaten, in my opinion. Instead here we suffer the heat, and often times head to the beach — even Santa involves himself.

So to my blogging friends, I wish you Season’s Greetings — a safe Christmas and New Year.


Time to relax…

It’s Christmas Eve here in Australia and come midday, our office will shut up shop until 29/12/15.  Being a hot climate, we don’t have the travel restrictions that friends in the northern hemisphere do at times.  So we can get out and about; the only impediment to a fab time is sometimes the heat. But these couple of photos give an idea of ways to while the time away, getting that all important rest.  Brisbane’s Christmas tree takes advantage of our abundant blue skies — its lights are totally solar-powered (to see the full tree, click on the photo).  So Merry Christmas to all!  Be safe, be happy, and here’s to more posts in the new year.  🙂