Lines going everywhere…

This week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge from Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo involves lines.

Last week’s theme of Flowers certainly found a lot of fans, which means that it was a bit more of a brain twister for me to come up with something that I think might pique just as much interest.  This led me to depart from Nature’s beauty and head into the direction of geometry for this week’s theme:Lines.

Lines are all around us, to such an extent that our brains have learned to interpret them as visual cues that can both be useful and misleading.  In photography, we often use lines to lead the eye in a certain direction, as the image is not entered all at once, but rather specific clues are picked up, from which we assemble the overall image.  So this week, bring some lines to bear in your photography, and I’d love to read how you saw them come together in your image.  I think that this can provide some interesting imagery!

Lines are everywhere aren’t they. From the obvious ones in Frank’s post to ones in everyday life that we probably take for granted.  I looked through a few of my photos and have a selection of lines and what they do in each photo. Please click on the photos to see them in gallery format and a larger view.

I love photography as it enables my creative needs to be met — and blogging the results to others is a rewards for my efforts.  In return I get to see others’ interpretations of themes such as this one. It’s a win-win for all concerned.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

This week WordPress’ photo challenge involves faces.

Share a photo of a face. It could be your own face; the face of a loved one, whose lines and creases you know well; or even a face out in the wild, where you least expect to see one.

We either like them or we don’t. Me, I’m a bit on the fence — mine is certainly not an oil painting, but I guess others might think otherwise. But I’m not putting that to the test in this instance.  🙂

So I thought about what I might offer up to the theme. There are so many I could go for — I’ve been taking photos for a lot of years, so the choices are endless.  However I decided to show two photos I took recently. Every weekend I drive 90 km to visit my Mum who is in a nursing home in Toowoomba, the city in which I was born and raised.  This particular time I caught up with some friends and we went on a mini-tour of the city.  I was amazed at how many changes have and are in the process of happening, especially in the CBD.  I guess that’s pretty common in the life-cycle of a city.

One spot that we stopped at was where I used to hang around as a kid. It was close to where the public library was, and I would always park my bicycle there.  At that time the car park was for a fruit handling business I think.  But now, 45 years later, it seems to be abandoned, perhaps waiting for a developer to come along and replace it with something new. There is a fabulous piece of graffiti on part of the wall. I’ve always loved the creativity of graffitists  and disagree with the notion that everyone who paints on buildings is a vandal and should be punished. Of course there are some that ruin it for the majority, but in this case, the painting is brilliant! I have no inkling of the background to this piece, but all the same I think it is awesome.


My second shot is a painting on the building where the public library was located when I was that young boy all those years ago. This one was commissioned by the Toowoomba City Council, and it shows faces of the multicultural makeup of the area. The Toowoomba region has representatives of many countries of the world, all of whom have enriched the lives of all who make their home in the area.


I hope you have enjoyed my faces.  If you’d like to see some more posts for this theme, click here.


The Earth: One group’s love

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge asks us to “…share your vision of our magnificent Earth through your lens.”

I went with what is probably a little unusual in some eyes.

This planet we call home has many cultures, and today I attended an event that highlighted the Hare Krishna’s celebration of life on this earth. The Festival of the Chariots took place here in Brisbane, Australia.  The Festival is sometimes referred to as Ratha Yatra, literally meaning Chariot Festival. Ratha Yatra originated 5,000 years ago in India, on the East Coast state of Orissa, in a city called Jagannatha Puri.

The canopied chariot is decorated with flowers and balloons and pulled with long, thick ropes by hundreds of people. The chariot is accompanied by a procession of devotees who are ecstatically dancing and chanting the Lord’s Holy Names:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

It was a first time attendance for me and I was excited to see another culture’s celebration.  The colours of the participants’ outfits combined with those of the chariot made for a magnificent display.  Add to that the sounds and the joyful dancing, and I was stunned like so many around me.

Here was a group preaching love and acceptance to all on earth. A perfect subject for this week’s challenge. It was a photographer’s dream and I am still working my way through over 400 photos I took in the space of a couple of hours. I’m sure others will understand how that occurred.  🙂

Here are some of my favourite photos from the event. For a better view, click on one.


I admire…

Last week’s WordPress photo challenge asks that we show someone or something we admire.  I’m a bit behind in my posting because of that thing called life.

I often receive comments from friends about my photos and I must admit to feeling good about that.  It’s not why I do my photography — but it is a good feeling to receive some positive feedback about what I have captured.

I’m a creative — and I recall an article someone sent to me last year, titled “5 Traits Creative People Have That Most People Will Never Understand“. Those traits are:

  • Creative people see the world differently than most.
  • They’re often introverted and tend to be loners.
  • They don’t judge their abilities the way others do.
  • They’re more emotional.
  • They’re dreamers.

I’m most of those traits, though I’m definitely not an introvert.  Those who know me well would I think agree that the others are certainly me (the article expands on what each points to).

I really admire creative people – their vision and how they look at the world continues to amaze me, and often times give me ideas for my own photography.

I recall an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art here in Brisbane a few years ago. It was highlighting art from many nations in the Asia-Pacific region of which Australia is a member. I was amazed at the age of some of the items, including a wooden house from the Xinsheng region in Sichuan Province, China. It had been pulled apart and rebuilt in the gallery.

Typical house in rural China.

Other items in the massive exhibition included gilded pottery many years old unearthed during archeological digs.


There were also modern examples of Chinese sculpture, each relating back to a time in history.


At one point, while standing admiring the pieces, I noticed what seemed to be a man lying against the wall — closer examination showed it to be a re-creation of a Chinese miner.  So lifelike it fooled me for a moment.  🙂


Lastly, this painting of a manufacturing workplace in China really amazed me.  The colours gave me the feeling of being there in that hot and sweaty environment.