Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is:

One Love: The universe is telling me to focus on love. What is it saying to you?

There are many connotations that come to mind when one thinks of these words. I’ve always had a rather eclectic view of life, so there are many things that I can associate with “One Love”. The love of a mother (very relevant to me as my aging mother battles the ravages of time); the love of a new day, being up early to welcome the sun once more, and then to say goodbye as it so breathtakingly paints the sky; the love of nature with all of its beauty and mystery.  I could go on and probably end up writing a short book.  But I think you get the idea.

When I saw the subject of the theme, I immediately started humming Bob Marley’s offering of “One Love” (https://youtu.be/vdB-8eLEW8g) all the way back in my early youth, during the ’60’s. It’s obviously a popular song to this day, given it has over 89 million views.

So I offer up a selection of photos which are examples of the love I have for life in general, especially nature.


Seasonal colours…

I love DSC_6595this time of the year in Brisbane, midway through spring – though we don’t get to experience the identifiable changes of seasons like people do in so many other places, we do get to experience changes through colour.

For example, people in Brisbane will always know when it’s approaching exam time at the University of Queensland (which is located by the Brisbane River) due to the abundance of Jacaranda trees, which start flowering just as UQ students are preparing for their end of semester.

Right now, if one was to get to the Mt Cootha lookout high above the city, one would see hundreds of bright purple Jacaranda trees. If ever you have the chance, make your way to Grafton in northern NSW at the end of OctoberDSC_6589-2 each year, to experience the Jacaranda Festival.  I went a couple of years ago and was in awe of the explosion of colour.

That’s saying something considering I was born and raised in Toowoomba, Queensland, where in the early part of spring, yet another explosion of colour occurs, the Carnival of Flowers. Spring is definitely my favourite time of the year.  🙂