I’ve been going through the 1000’s of photos in my catalogue and culling the multiples and not so good shots.  The digital age is great but the ability to take unlimited photos can lead to so much clutter. So that’s part of my job in the coming few nights.

I found one that I won’t cull.  For some time I lived on Bribie Island, located off the Queensland (Australia) coast — my apartment was directly opposite a pristine part of the island called Banksia Beach.  It’s protected water, so it’s popular with families, swimming, fishing and bbq’s. I took this photo when walking along the foreshore one afternoon, as a storm was building.  To me, it gives the feeling of peace and serenity.


Sunflowers pick me up…

I made the weekly trip to my hometown of Toowoomba (Australia) yesterday.  It was a public holiday for the observation of Australia Day, so took advantage of the opportunity to go and spend some time with my ageing Mum.  While there I visited Toowoomba’s Queen’s Park, a large tract of land close to the inner city, that was transformed many decades ago into a beautiful location full of many varieties of advanced age trees and shrubs.  Annually in September, the city hosts its world-renowned Carnival of Flowers, which sees an amazing assortment of flowering plants on show. Even now, 5 months later, the gardens are still blazing with colour.

I took a number of photos, and this sunflower is one of my favourites. Sadly, just as I took the shot, the wind blew and the top was missed, but I still love it. The variations in colour of its leaves reminded me again of the versatility of sunflowers.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  🙂

Sunflower magic

Transitioning from shade to sun…

This week’s WordPress photo challenge could be depicted in so many ways…

For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Let life itself be your muse.

I could have  chosen from sunrises, sunsets, storms…you name it there are plenty to use.  However, I have chosen to show the transition of shade to full sun, on a house I photographed in my hometown (Toowoomba, Australia).



Birds being careful…

This week, WordPress in the Weekly Photo Challenge has asked that we show “…something careful — a photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.”

I’m offering 4 photos of birds engaged in various activities — and I have a feeling each is being careful. The pelican careful that no one is watching while it has a dance along the sand (even birds get modest); the cormorant on the post being careful not to fall off; the lorikeet in the tree, being careful to make sure her eggs are safe; and the white bird being careful to make sure that no other bird gets the fish.