Tuesday Challenge: the Path

I haven’t posted in a few weeks (life has become challenging in other areas and lack of time has made posting scarce).  But I do have some time for a post for the Tuesday challenge from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo!

This week it is: the Path.

I’d like you to photograph whichever path(s) appeal to you.  In the theme of path, I’d like you to think about where the path might lead you; is this a place that you want to get to, or is it one that you want to avoid?  Is this a path that everyone is going to take, or is it just your path?

I thought about the various meanings of the word.  The obvious meaning of a physical thing that leads you somewhere. A footpath, a road, country lane, a grassy path….and so many others in this category. I also thought of the way that certain elements in photos can draw our eyes in a certain direction –> like a path. So my photos are a mix of both ideas.  The last one is from many years ago when I was living in the USA — and whilst not such a good photo, you can clearly see me trying to dig a path out.  🙂

TPC: Close Up

This week Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo has come up with a great challenge: Close Up

…be on the lookout for anything and everything in the world around you that will look really great close-up, and might even make us wonder what it is…

I’ve not been able to get out much of late, so I’ve chosen a few closeups done through the years. Even one at the end, which people have tried to guess over the years but never succeeded.  🙂

TPC – Orange

This week Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo has come up with a new challenge: Orange

Find some great examples of the color orange and photograph them; sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Orange is an interesting color, as it falls between red and yellow in the spectrum and the specific tone of the color orange can range from fiery to drab depending on its exact place in the spectrum.

Like my response to last week’s challenge (Patterns Everywhere), this week’s response will have photos taken for other reasons, and also meet this challenge. Various shades of orange, in all kinds of situations.  To see a larger view of each photo, click on one to launch the gallery.


Patterns everywhere…

Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo provides a challenge every Tuesday.  This time he has come up with the challenge of finding and explaining Patterns that exist in life.

Everywhere we go, our brains find patterns in what we see, which allows us to be the highly functional human beings that we are on a daily basis!  If we didn’t recognize patterns, but, rather, everything were new to us every day and every moment, we would be in a permanent state of confusion.  Of course, I’d like you to take it a step further than mere quotidian observation…  my challenge to you is to present the rest of us with patterns that we might not notice, if we walked by the scene.

When you keep in mind that photography is not only influenced by what you show, but very much by what you do not show in your image, I’m confident that you can come up with some patterns that we might not place right away.

I recall commenting in a past post that one sometimes can fill a couple of challenges when the photo was taken with just one in mind; because photos, like the life they capture, are composed of many items and possibly many actions occurring simultaneously. So here are a few that were taken for other reasons and now are good examples of Frank’s challenge. To see a bigger photo, please click on one to launch the slideshow.