It’s a Colourful World…

Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo provides a challenge every Tuesday.  They always see my thinking hat going on.

This week the challenge is Colorful, as explained by Frank:

A radical departure from the past couple of weeks, which may be what you expect at this point, as we’ll be looking for images that are by their very nature: Colorful!  What I hope you’ll do, is to jam as much color into your images, as you can get, with an eye toward having colors that work together.  This is a great opportunity to be on the lookout for color in your daily lives; you may be surprised by the amount of color that is everywhere!

I could have gone with flowers of all kinds, especially those seen at the annual Carnival of Flowers in my hometown of Toowoomba; or the amazing sunsets for which Bribie Island is known. Maybe even the sights around Brisbane where colours often times dress up drab buildings.

However, I went with a few photos from the annual Vivid Festival in Sydney.  It’s a 2 week period of sights, sounds and colours, with buildings and bridges lit by laser shows, often time accompanied by music. It’s an interactive experience with many of the sights encouraging the visitors to become involved.  It’s an awesome event for photographers, and in 2014 I was lucky to have the opportunity to fly down and get a few shots. They’re not my best, but they do give an idea of what it’s like. I’m hopeful of a return in 2017.

To see all of the photos, please click on one to load the slide show.

How do they manage to get these colours on the buildings you wonder? Here’s a photo from the official advertising for the year I went, showing what has to be constructed to be able to be successful. In addition to showing that, it’s a fab photo.  Click on it for a full size view.



Tuesday Photo Challenge: Fence

Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo provides a challenge every Tuesday.  I like the challenges because they keep me on track with my posting routine, and I also get to read some really cool stuff from others in this world.

So this week the challenge is Fence. I looked through my photos once again and found a plethora of shots I could use.  I was reminded that there are many forms of fences and they serve differing purposes.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos.  Happy reading!  🙂

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Vegetables

Last Tuesday, the challenge from Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo was simply: vegetables — and called on us to show our best photos.  I’m running late again, but I think I will still submit.

So I took this photo  in Seattle a few years ago, and played with some settings when I got back, to highlight the produce that was on sale at the Pike Place Market.  Even though this was around Christmas, there was so much on sale, and it was no surprise that the place was packed as people stocked up for the festive season. I bought quite a few of the items, because there’s not much in the way of fruit and veges that I dislike.



Human Spirit — Tuesday’s Challenge

This week Frank from Dutch Goes the Photo has issued the challenge for us to show some human spirit.  It pushed me to find something appropriate, and then life intervened and I’m late submitting.  But better late than never I guess.

In life there are many sources of frustration for us…one for me is the apparent lack of concern by the federal government for Australia’s environment.  Without getting into the political side of things, suffice to say that I’m glad that so many people realise the importance of the Great Barrier Reef.  For the past few years the federal government has been approving the building of coal ports in various locations inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park — in the face of strong opposition from various organisations (Greenpeace, Getup etc)  and a large percentage of our population. Of course, the coal companies and associated corporate organisations are very much in favour, because for them it’s all about the money to be made. That’s the situation as it stands today.

Go back 3 years ago and a rally I attended here in Brisbane, attended by many thousands of concerned people, over the treatment of the Reef. Human spirit was evident everywhere — from young children with their cutout signs of turtles; to teenagers dressed as fish and other sea creatures, seemingly pleading for their home to be saved; through to adults young and older banding together to do their part for the Reef.

That’s the human spirit I am happy to be a part of!