Another happy place

The theme this week for the WordPress Photo Challenge is to show somewhere that makes us happy.  Here’s my second submission.  So many places make me happy, especially so if I have my camera with me, so I can recall them at a later time.  I love what nature puts on for us, sometimes around man made structures, but sometimes by itself. This selection of photos exemplifies why I enjoy photography so much — I get to witness amazing sights and they all make me happy.

17 thoughts on “Another happy place

    • Thanks Katie. Yes, I think of the photos, the one you commented on was my favourite. I lived on an island for a couple of years, and this was taken across from my apartment. So lucky to have enjoyed such a beautiful experience.

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    • Thanks very much — I read that you’ve been to Australia a few times, so you’d be used to seeing these skies. Maybe not so many of them in your part of the world though I guess.

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      • Yes I’ve been twice in the past few years. Can’t get enough! Skies are different. That is a part of their charm I think. Great sunsets here in the UK!

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    • That sunset shot was amazing — I was driving home from work and was so keen to get to the water’s edge before the sun went down. Luckily, at that point of my life, I lived in an apartment across from the water’s edge. 🙂

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    • The first is sunset, the second sunrise. Both from the island I once lived on (Bribie Island), which is a small island connected to the Aussie mainland by a bridge. Beautiful location, and thankfully only just over an hour’s drive from Brisbane where I live now. Thanks for commenting.


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