I admire…

Last week’s WordPress photo challenge asks that we show someone or something we admire.  I’m a bit behind in my posting because of that thing called life.

I often receive comments from friends about my photos and I must admit to feeling good about that.  It’s not why I do my photography — but it is a good feeling to receive some positive feedback about what I have captured.

I’m a creative — and I recall an article someone sent to me last year, titled “5 Traits Creative People Have That Most People Will Never Understand“. Those traits are:

  • Creative people see the world differently than most.
  • They’re often introverted and tend to be loners.
  • They don’t judge their abilities the way others do.
  • They’re more emotional.
  • They’re dreamers.

I’m most of those traits, though I’m definitely not an introvert.  Those who know me well would I think agree that the others are certainly me (the article expands on what each points to).

I really admire creative people – their vision and how they look at the world continues to amaze me, and often times give me ideas for my own photography.

I recall an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art here in Brisbane a few years ago. It was highlighting art from many nations in the Asia-Pacific region of which Australia is a member. I was amazed at the age of some of the items, including a wooden house from the Xinsheng region in Sichuan Province, China. It had been pulled apart and rebuilt in the gallery.

Typical house in rural China.

Other items in the massive exhibition included gilded pottery many years old unearthed during archeological digs.


There were also modern examples of Chinese sculpture, each relating back to a time in history.


At one point, while standing admiring the pieces, I noticed what seemed to be a man lying against the wall — closer examination showed it to be a re-creation of a Chinese miner.  So lifelike it fooled me for a moment.  🙂


Lastly, this painting of a manufacturing workplace in China really amazed me.  The colours gave me the feeling of being there in that hot and sweaty environment.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

This week’s WordPress photo challenge relates to my favourite style of photography, landscape:

This week, it’s all about landscape photography. Show us your best establishing shot, out in nature or in an urban setting.

The challenge for me is to select the best shot. That would take a long time and many changes and cups of coffee.  So instead I’ll offer up a selection of my best. Like all countries, Australia is very diverse and the urban and natural landscapes/seascapes that I have offered up reflect that.

As I suggested, the time taken to come up with some favourites was quite long-winded.  There are a mix of natural and man-made landscapes.  Just click on the arrows either side of the photos and all will be revealed, a photo at a time.  🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge…Half-Life

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is to:

Share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story.  Bonus points if you share why the particular text resonates with you. (Though you certainly don’t have to!)

I thought about this theme for a while. A few popped into my head, but the one I want to share with you relates to my dear Mum. My memories of childhood are many and varied. One that I always remember is that Mum loved music. She never played an instrument, but she did love to sing along to whatever she was playing on the stereo.

One song that she played and sang to often was Bing Crosby’s “Sunflower”. It was a happy bright sounding song and I just found a version on YouTube if you’re interested in listening.

The opening verse is:
Sunflower, good morning
You sure do make it like a sunny day
Sunflower, fair warning
I’m gonna love you if you come my way

On weekends, during the early summer, my parents would take my siblings and I for drives out to the agricultural fields west of my hometown (Toowoomba), to marvel at the beautiful colours of the sunflowers that were grown commercially.  I usually make the annual pilgrimage there myself and memories of Mum singing along with Bing always come to mind.  🙂




What price progress?

I’ve noticed of late just how many older dwellings are being demolished to make way for multiple apartments.  With every demolition, memories of old are lost forever.

Yesterday, while waiting for an appointment, I had a coffee at a cafe run by local indigenous in the small seaside town of Wynnum, here in Queensland, Australia. On a building opposite the cafe, there’s a huge piece of indigenous art. The colours are what attracted my eyes initially, however upon closer examination, it was the detail that kept them fixed for some time.

So what’s the connection to demolitions I hear you ask?  Well, sadly, that building is to be demolished to make way for some gaudy looking apartments, and I wonder will the art be saved? I’m investigating its future right now, because it is too beautiful and representative of indigenous traditions to be lost to a bulldozer.