Transitioning from shade to sun…

This week’s WordPress photo challenge could be depicted in so many ways…

For this week’s challenge, share an image that depicts transition. Let life itself be your muse.

I could have  chosen from sunrises, sunsets, storms…you name it there are plenty to use.  However, I have chosen to show the transition of shade to full sun, on a house I photographed in my hometown (Toowoomba, Australia).




14 thoughts on “Transitioning from shade to sun…

        • No I don’t know the owner. If I had a Queenslander, I’d be a happy chappy. I am considering creating an ebook of Queenslanders. There are so many beautiful versions out there, and I have a lot of photos that would qualify I think — I may also sketch some.


        • Yes, that’s what I was thinking. That way I could learn the history. My grandmother had a Queenslander and it is on its way back to its former glory — over the years, various owners renovated to their own needs, and finally someone has begun to bring it back.

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        • …and that’s such an amazing location. I was up there earlier in the year and was blown away by the scenery and lack of “city-like” sound. Give me wind in the trees any day.

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    • Thanks Janet — that is an older style of architecture that is now becoming a popular renovation. It’s known as a Queenslander, often built up on stumps (this one wasn’t) to take advantage of any breeze that might be around — because it gets so hot here. My parents had one as well, but not as grand looking as this one.


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