Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

So I am a week late with this post. But that’s what life does, and I’m sure most of us understand that feeling.  However it’s never too late to post, so here goes.  🙂

The WordPress photo challenge was Alphabet.

Take us to school with your photos this week, and show us some ABCs.

I thought about the challenge and have some photos here from a walk around the Rocks area of Sydney (Australia) I made in 2014.




3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

  1. More interesting photos Kim. I like the way these photos make me look at signs differently. The Fortune of War pub has special significance for me. My niece worked there during her uni years and I found her small, pale blonde countenance such a contrast to the surroundings and its patrons.

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    • Thanks Robyn – cities have so much to offer apart from the usual. That’s why I always look up for what may be lurking above. That’s interesting about your niece. The patrons probably kept an eye out for her safety.

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      • Yes, that’s absolutely what happened Kim. They became very protective of her. She used to exchange a lot of playful banter and give as good as she got – not one easily fazed, my niece. After late shifts she walked home through the city alone.

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