I’ve been going through the 1000’s of photos in my catalogue and culling the multiples and not so good shots.  The digital age is great but the ability to take unlimited photos can lead to so much clutter. So that’s part of my job in the coming few nights.

I found one that I won’t cull.  For some time I lived on Bribie Island, located off the Queensland (Australia) coast — my apartment was directly opposite a pristine part of the island called Banksia Beach.  It’s protected water, so it’s popular with families, swimming, fishing and bbq’s. I took this photo when walking along the foreshore one afternoon, as a storm was building.  To me, it gives the feeling of peace and serenity.


22 thoughts on “Serenity….

  1. That is a wonderful shot. Wish I was there! I need to do the same with my photos, not looking forward to that task, but I do look forward to having it DONE.


  2. Wow – I agree about the accumulation and recently had to do this laborious – but needed – task of wedding photos – and it feels so much better !
    And side note – I like your work- and the opening photo is so calming

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    • Thanks so much for your comment. I take it you mean the photo of the house in the banner at the top? That is a style called a Queenslander and you’ll see them across Australia. This one I took while visiting my hometown (Toowoomba), appropriately in the state of Queensland. 🙂

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      • Yes – I was on my mobile and the two pics went well together- and I see now it is a banner – and quick question – so they have more than two porches ? Two is wonderful – but juts curious if they have them in the other side –
        Oh and typo in my last comment “weeding”-
        Thx for your reply –

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