Tuesday Challenge: the Path

I haven’t posted in a few weeks (life has become challenging in other areas and lack of time has made posting scarce).  But I do have some time for a post for the Tuesday challenge from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo!

This week it is: the Path.

I’d like you to photograph whichever path(s) appeal to you.  In the theme of path, I’d like you to think about where the path might lead you; is this a place that you want to get to, or is it one that you want to avoid?  Is this a path that everyone is going to take, or is it just your path?

I thought about the various meanings of the word.  The obvious meaning of a physical thing that leads you somewhere. A footpath, a road, country lane, a grassy path….and so many others in this category. I also thought of the way that certain elements in photos can draw our eyes in a certain direction –> like a path. So my photos are a mix of both ideas.  The last one is from many years ago when I was living in the USA — and whilst not such a good photo, you can clearly see me trying to dig a path out.  🙂

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Challenge: the Path

  1. I love your collection. I’m going to pretend that I didn’t see the “digging out of the snow”. I’m planning to enjoy fall, but sometimes it reminds me that winter is around the corner. A new, and foreign, style of winter for a girl raised in southern Florida 🙂

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  3. Amazing collection of photos. I love the one of the road winding through the country side, and the one with the purple flowers is breath taking. The last one reminds me of living in Alaska. Hope things in your life get back on track.
    ~Your friend from Texas


    • Yes, they are amazing flowering trees. Here in Brisbane they come out in November and from lookouts around the city you can see thousands of them around the city.


    • Thanks Leslie. No, never any snow in Brisbane. That’s why I loved the snow there, though as the years went by (I was 10 years in the USA) the novelty wore off as the winter progressed. But my neighbours always had a laugh – first snowstorm of the season, you’d always see me out with my camera. 😀

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    • Well it’s one of my favourite memories from my time in your country. Crazy probably, but when you’re from a tropical climate, snow is out of this world! The photo was a perfect one to finish off with. 🙂


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