Frozen in time…

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is all about time.

This week, think about time and portray it photographically. Perhaps you have a fascination with clocks. Or maybe contemplating time takes you somewhere else completely.

For me, I thought about a place I visited recently where time for the inhabitants has been frozen.  An old country cemetery in an area inhabited by the descendents of German settlers who came to the area in the 1860’s. The cemetery has a beautiful outlook across the farming area below and the small village of Marburg.

Rest in Peace

I sat for a while at the table under the branches of a shady Jacaranda tree, wondering about who was buried here and what their story was. The light breeze raced up from the valley below and the sound going through the branches was one of peace. Indeed a beautiful location.

The inscription on this headstone of a baby who passed in 1905 invoked for me, a feeling of time — “As the ivy clings to the oak our memory clings to thee.”

I am reminded of a quote from Steve Jobs:

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.



11 thoughts on “Frozen in time…

  1. I do not know of a better place you could have chosen for giving us all a feeling of time (past, present or future) ~ and how wonderful it can be to contemplate different places in time. The opening shot works so well for invoking a feel for time, and freezing a moment to ponder what was, is and could be.

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  3. Very contemplative Kim. I love old cemetries – so full of stories. For me the inscription on the headstone of the little baby says so much. We are all frozen in death in the memories of others. We have no control over that.

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